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Scientific articles

  1. Observation of the Crossover from Photon Ordering to Delocalization in Tunably Coupled Resonators
    M. C. Collodo, A. Potočnik, S. Gasparinetti, J.-C. Besse, M. Pechal, M. Sameti, M. J. Hartmann, A. Wallraff, C. Eichler
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 183601 (2019).
  2. Rapid High-fidelity Multiplexed Readout of Superconducting Qubits
    J. Heinsoo, C. Kraglund Andersen, A. Remm, S. Krinner, T. Walter, Y. Salathé, S. Gasparinetti, J.-C. Besse, A. Potočnik, A. Wallraff, and C. Eichler,
    Phys. Rev. Applied 10, 034040 (2018).
  3. Studying light-harvesting models with superconducting circuits
    A. Potočnik, A. Bargerbos, F. A. Y. N. Schröder, S. A. Khan, M. C. Collodo, S. Gasparinetti, Y. Salathé, C. Creatore, C. Eichler, H. E. Türeci, A. W. Chin, and
    A. Wallraff,
    Nature Communications 9, 904 (2018).
  4. Realization of a Quantum Random Generator Certified with the Kochen-Specker Theorem
    Anatoly Kulikov, Markus Jerger, Anton Potočnik, Andreas Wallraff, and Arkady Fedorov,
    Physical Review Letters 119, 240501 (2017).
  5. Triphenylide-Based Molecular Solid – a New Candidate for a Quantum Spin-Liquid Compound
    Aleš Štefančič, Gyongyi Klupp, Tilen Knaflič,Dmitry S Yufit, Gasper Tavcar, Anton Potočnik, Andrew Beeby, and Denis Arcon,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121, 14864 (2017).
  6. Rapid, High-Fidelity, Single-Shot Dispersive Readout of Superconducting Qubits
    T. Walter, P. Kurpiers, S. Gasparinetti, P. Magnard, A. Potočnik, Y. Salathé, M. Pechal, M. Mondal, M. Oppliger, C. Eichler, and A. Wallraff,
    Physics Review Applied 7, 054020 (2017).
  7. A Superconducting Quantum Simulator for Topological Order and the Toric Code
    Mahdi Sameti, Anton Potočnik, Dan E Browne, Andreas Wallraff, Michael J Hartmann,
    Phys. Rev. A 95, 042330 (2017).
  8. Contextuality without nonlocality in a superconducting quantum system
    Markus Jerger, Yarema Reshitnyk, Markus Oppliger, Anton Potočnik, Mintu Mondal, Andreas Wallraff, Kenneth Goodenough, Stephanie Wehner, Kristinn Juliusson, Nathan K Langford, Arkady Fedorov
    Nature Communication, 7, 12930 (2016).
  9. Digital quantum simulation of spin models with circuit quantum electrodynamics
    Y Salathé, M Mondal, M Oppliger, J Heinsoo, P Kurpiers, A Potočnik, Antonio Mezzacapo, U Las Heras, L Lamata, E Solano, S Filipp, A Wallraff
    Physical Review X, 5, 021027 (2015).
  10. Optimized unconventional superconductivity in a molecular Jahn-Teller metal
    Ruth H Zadik, Yasuhiro Takabayashi, Gyöngyi Klupp, Ross H Colman, Alexey Y Ganin, Anton Potočnik, Peter Jeglič, Denis Arčon, Péter Matus, Katalin Kamarás, Yuichi Kasahara, Yoshihiro Iwasa, Andrew N Fitch, Yasuo Ohishi, Gaston Garbarino, Kenichi Kato, Matthew J Rosseinsky, Kosmas Prassides
    Science advances, 1, e1500059 (2015).
  11. Anomalous local spin susceptibilities in noncentrosymmetric La2C3 superconductor
    Potočnik, A., Jeglič, P., Kobayashi, K., Kawashima, K., Kuchida, S., Akimitsu, J., and Arčon, D.
    Physical Review B, 90, 104507 (2014).
  12. Jahn-Teller orbital glass state in the expanded fcc Cs3C60 fulleride
    Potočnik, A., Ganin, A., Takabayashi, Y., McDonald, M., Heinmaa, I., Jeglič, P., Stern, R., Rosseinsky, M., Prassides, K., and Arčon, D.
    Chemical science, 5, 3008-3017 (2014).
  13. Cu and CuO/titanate nanobelt based network assemblies for enhanced visible light photocatalysis
    Logar, M., Bračko, I., Potočnik, A., and Jančar, B.
    Langmuir 36, 4852-4862, (2014).
  14. Size and symmetry of the superconducting gap in the f.c.c. Cs3C60 polymorph close to the metal-Mott insulator boundary
    Potočnik, A., Krajnc, A., Jeglič, P., Takabayashi, Y., Ganin, A., Prassides, K., Rosseinsky, M., and Arčon, D.
    Scientific reports 4, 4265, (2014).
  15. Magnetic order and low-energy excitations in the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet CuSe2O5 with staggered fields
    Herak, M., Zorko, A., Pregelj, M., Zaharko, O., Posnjak, G., Jagličić, Z., Potočnik, A., Luetkens, H., Tol, J., Ozarowski, A., Berger, H., and Arčon, D.
    Physical review B 87, 104413, (2013).
  16. Orthorhombic fulleride (CH3NH2)K3C60 close to Mott-Hubbard instability : ab initio study
    Potočnik, A., Manini, N., Komelj, M., Tosatti, E., and Arčon, D.
    Physical review B 86, 085109, (2012).
  17. Unconventional magnetism in a nitrogen-containing analog of cupric oxide
    Zorko, A., Jeglič, P., Potočnik, A., Arčon, D., Balčytis, A., Jagličić, Z., Liu, X., Tchougréeff, A., and Dronskowski, R.
    Physical review letters 107, 047208, (2011).
  18. Role of antisymmetric exchange in selecting magnetic chirality in Ba3NbFe3Si2O14
    Zorko, A., Pregelj, M., Potočnik, A., Tol, J., Ozarowski, A., Simonet, V., Lejay, P., Petit, S., and Ballou, R.
    Physical review letters 107, 257203, (2011).
  19. Symmetric and antisymmetric exchange anisotropies in quasi-one-dimensional CuSe2O5 as revealed by ESR
    Herak, M., Zorko, A., Arčon, D., Potočnik, A., Klanjšek, M., Tol, J., Ozarowski, A., and Berger, H.
    Physical review B 84, 184436, (2011).
  20. The muon F-μ+-F hydrogen bond-like complex
    Blinc, R., Lahajnar, G., and Potočnik, A.
    Acta chimica slovenica 58, 393-395, (2011).
  21. Magnetic properties of multiferroic K3Cr2Fe3F15
    Blinc, R., Cevc, P., Potočnik, A., Žemva, B., Goreshnik, E., Hanžel, D., Gregorovič, A., Trontelj, Z., Jagličić, Z., Laguta, V., Perović, M., Dalal, N., and Scott, J.
    Journal of applied physics 107, 043511, (2010).
  22. Polymorphism control of superconductivity and magnetism in Cs3C60 close to the Mott transition
    Ganin, A., Jeglič, P., Arčon, D., and Potočnik, A.
    Nature 466, 221-225, (2010).
  23. Strong correlations in highly electron-doped Zn(II)-DNA complexes
    Omerzu, A., Anželak, B., Turel, I., Štrancar, J., Potočnik, A., Arčon, D., Arčon, I., Mihailović, D., and Matsui, H.
    Physical review letters 104, 156804, (2010).
  24. 75As nuclear magnetic resonance study of antiferromagnetic fluctuations in the normal state of LiFeAs
    Jeglič, P., Potočnik, A., Klanjšek, M., Bobnar, M., Jagodič, M., Koch, K., Rosner, H., Margadonna, S., Lv, B., Guloy, A., and Arčon, D.
    Physical review B 81, 140511, (2010).
  25. Muon spin relaxation in some multiferroic fluorides
    Potočnik, A., Zorko, A., Arčon, D., Goreshnik, E., Žemva, B., Blinc, R., Cevc, P., Trontelj, Z., Jagličić, Z., and Scott, J.
    Physical review B 81, 214420, (2010).
  26. Coexistence of localized and itinerant electronic states in the multiband iron-based superconductor FeSe0.42Te0.58
    Arčon, D., Jeglič, P., Zorko, A., Potočnik, A., Ganin, A., Takabayashi, Y., Rosseinsky, M., and Prassides, K.
    Physical review B 82, 140508, (2010).
  27. Self-assembled artificial cilia
    Vilfan, M., Potočnik, A., Kavčič, B., Osterman, N., Poberaj, I., Vilfan, A., and Babič, D.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107, 1844-1847, (2010).
  28. Structural characterization of a nanocrystalline inorganic-organic hybrid with fiberlike morphology and one-dimensional antiferromagnetic properties
    Djerdj, I., Cao, M., Rocqufelte, X., Černý, R., Jagličić, Z., Arčon, D., Potočnik, A., Gozzo, F., and Niederberger, M.
    Chemistry of materials 21, 3356-3369, (2009).
  29. Electron paramagnetic resonance and Mössbauer study of antiferromagnetic K3Cu3Fe2F15
    Blinc, R., Tavčar, G., Žemva, B., Goreshnik, E., Hanžel, D., Cevc, P., Potočnik, A., Laguta, V., Trontelj, Z., Jagličić, Z., and Scott, J.
    Journal of applied physics 106, 023924, (2009).
  30. Synthesis of 3D hierarchical self-assembled microstructures formed from α-MnO2 nanotubes and their conducting and magnetic properties
    Umek, P., Gloter, A., Pregelj, M., Dominko, R., Jagodič, M., Jagličić, Z., Zimina, A., Brzhezinskaya, M., Potočnik, A., Filipič, C., Levstik, A., and Arčon, D.
    The journal of physical chemistry C 113, 14798-14803, (2009).
  31. Ordering of polarons in the charge-disordered phase of Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3
    Levstik, A., Filipič, C., Bobnar, V., Potočnik, A., Arčon, D., Drnovšek, S., Holc, J., and Jagličić, Z.
    Physical review B 79, 153110, (2009).
  32. Low-moment antiferromagnetic ordering in triply charged cubic fullerides close to the metal-insulator transition
    Jeglič, P., Arčon, D., Potočnik, A., Ganin, A., Takabayashi, Y., Rosseinsky, M., and Prassides, K.
    Physical review B 80, 195424, (2009).

Monographs and other works

  1. PhD thesis (2013) (pdf 9 MB)
  2. Superconductivity as observed by Magnetic Resonance (2010) (pdf 0.9 MB) postgraduate seminar in English
  3. Enodimenzionalni magnetini sistemi (2009) (pdf 0.5 MB) postgraduate seminar in Slovene
  4. Diplomska naloga (2008) (pdf 5 MB) Diploma thesis in Slovene
  5. Ionske pasti (2008) (pdf 0.8 MB) undergraduate seminar in Slovene
  6. Cliffordova algebra in roboti (2007) (pdf 0.4 MB) undergraduate seminar in Slovene
  7. Devices in microfluidics (2007) (pdf 1.5 MB) undergraduate seminar in English
  8. Kvantne pike (2006) (pdf 1 MB) undergraduate seminar in Slovene
  9. Znanstveni Realizem (2006) (pdf 0.1 MB Slovene) undergraduate seminar in Slovene
  10. AFM – Model mikroskopa na atomsko silo (2003) (pdf 1 MB) high school research project in Slovene
  11. Torni Harmonični Oscilator (2002) (pdf 0.5 MB) high school research project in Slovene
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