Anton Potočnik

                            at ETH Zürich

Size and Symmetry of Superconducting gap in the fcc Cs3C60

We recently published our first high-pressure NMR results on f.c.c. Cs3C60 polymorph. We found some new exciting superconducting properties close to the metal-to-insulator boundary – the superconducting gap increases close to the boundary! Found out more in A. Potočnik, et al. Sci. Rep. 4, 4265, 2014.

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Anvil-type NMR cell

We just started testing our new anvil-type high-pressure cell for the NMR experiment. With the tungsten-carbide anvils we expect to reach pressures up to 4 GPa.

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Unconventional superconductivity of A3C60

We are studying normal-state and superconducting properties of hyper-expanded A3C60 (A = K, Rb, Cs). We have shown that these materials resemble unconventional superconductors like cuprates. Intense research of normal-state and superconducting properties of these materials close to the metal-to-insulator transition is in progress. A.Y. Ganin, et al. Nature 2010.

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Jahn-Teller effect in alkali-doped fullerenes

We are studying Jahn-Teller (JT) effect in alkali-doped fullerene materials like RbxCs3-xC60, and MAK3C60 (MA = CH3NH2). We have shown that Jahn-Teller effect is completely dominated by strong steric effects in MAK3C60 (A. Potočnik, et al. PRB 2012).

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High pressure EPR and NMR experiments

We developed high-hydrostatic pressure probes for EPR (X-band) and NMR experiments. Our clamp-type cells can continuously reach up to 1.2 GPa and 2.5 GPa for EPR and NMR experiments, respectively. EPR high-pressure cell allows also measurements with pulse techniques. Anvil-type cells for achieving even higher pressures are currently being developed.

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