Anton Potočnik

                            at ETH Zürich

About me

I am an experimental physicist working in the field of Analog Quantum Simulations with Superconducting Qubits as a PostDoc in the Quantum Device Lab of prof. dr. Andreas Wallraff at ETH. I obtained my PhD degree at the Jozef Stefan Institute where I studied molecular superconductors at the border with metal-to-insulator transition in the lab of prof. dr. Denis Arčon using NMR and EPR spectroscopic techniques.


Work HPcellsCurrently, I am investigating how to build an array of planar lumped-element superconducting microwave LC resonators for Analogue Quantum Simulation experiments. Other work activities include development of wide-band Josephson Parametric Amplifiers and simulation of synthetic gauge fields. Find more information on Research or Publications pages.




In my free time I enjoy programming. Some of my recent projects can be found on the Software and FPGA page. To relax and clear my mind after a busy week I frequently do yoga, aikido, swing, or mountaineering. Originally I come from a beautiful village near Celje in Slovenia.

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