My SICRIS bibliography

by A. Potočnik @ IJS, 2 June 2014

Convert unreadable COBISS/SICRIS bibliography into something that can be actually published.

1. Get your SICRIS records in XML format

Researcher ID: Find your ID at SICRIS web page in the top left corner of the result page.
From year: Can be empty
To year: Can be empty
Typology: 1.## 01 Regular Articles, 02 Review Articles, 03 Short Scientific Articles, ... more.
Typology: 2.## Monographs
Typology: 3.## Events

After clicking on Get SICRIS XML file button, right-click one the XML text and choose View Page Source and then Copy the XML file content.


2. Select bibliography style

Authors order:
Style: For more styles please contact me.

3. Paste XML file content below

NOTE! Always check the converted results. There might be errors in the COBISS database.

4. Results